Photos with Texture

As a part of improving one’s art and science of photography, it’s important to regularly look at others’ photos. I just found a great photo texture page on Facebook, Texture Photography Masters. A textured photo basically consists of 2 layers, your main photo layered over with a texture photo. The texture photo can be either a true photo of an object, such as a wall with paint, or it can be digitally created one.

Here’s one that I recently created using a photo of a slab of cement:


I’ve never been very interested in textured photos simply because they seem so dark in tone and well just depressing. However, I was quite surprised by the lightness in some of those photos on the Facebook page. I am now inspired to try it again!

If you’re interested in seeing other textures, there are various texture groups on Flickr. Textures for Layers is an excellent source! Most of them are free for us, just give credit to the creator.


2 thoughts on “Photos with Texture

  1. I kind of love textures. I especially like to see those of others. Not often am I happy with my own but I do find it relaxing to play with them. I always wonder how someone decides just which texture to use and how to choose the opacity, etc. I can never make the final decision easily.

    Have you ever checked out Kim Klassen’s Cafe? If you join her email list, you get a free texture every week and she has all sorts of tips and tricks on PS, etc.

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